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Welcome to Help on Hunger Foundation

Provide for ending poverty – Defeat for poverty is EASY

The hunger and poverty seems to be cyclical and generational and we help people to inhibit their ability to work for their fullest potential. Our aim is to stop this cycle of hunger and malnourished children and feed the homeless families.

Hunger today – The action item

Help on Hunger foundation has its vision to act as a catalyst in the process of demolishing poverty and to bring ZERO number of families to not sleep in hunger for a day. Rather than aiming on one particular way to stop this poverty, we focus on the lifecycle of those families who can handle by themselves without our help.

Our pursuit

We strive harder and harder to bring this mission to life – “No more needy and poverty”. For this to happen, our team of Help on hunger takes a pledge to fight against HUNGER. We also encourage and make people to take small steps and initiatives and join hands for feeding many homeless families and make this mission to happen.

Intent of Help on hunger

Look around you! You can see the cause and consequence of poverty in India. Why are we still, STILL?

Help on Hunger emerges as an NGO foundation and we mainly focus on providing food supplies to the people who are homeless and who are in need of food and care. We helped more than 500 homeless people on daily basis in and around Chennai. We are helping people who are trapped in a cycle of poverty and need.