Food Packets

We Started with 30 Food Packets Per Day

That one meal which they expect! We help the poor and needy to stand on their feet and donate them foods as per our stocks. We collect the foods and provide them to these hungry people around us. Let us keep some food on the empty plates of these innocents!

Grocery Kit

Grocery Kit & Milk Packet Launch – Gypsies

Grocery kit is their only hope!

Daily wage earners, migrant workers, and the poor are struggling to survive especially in these lockdown times. We need your help and contribution! We are collaborating and make efforts to reach thousands of poor people and provide them these kits for their survival.

Grocery Kit Distribution

Leprosy affected people

Shocking, they lack access to safe, nutritionally adequate food! More than hundreds of people are not getting enough food and we are aiming to provide grocery kit throughout India. Their skin and nervous system is affected and this may result in lack of ability to feel pain. But, the pain of hunger is felt! Let’s help them..

World Food Day

We commemorate the date of World food day and on this important day we outreach many people to experience the amazing food we eat. It’s really hard to tackle the hunger and food seems to be the basic right for every citizen out there. Please help us on this day and give immense importance for the people who are in hunger!

World Food Day 2020

World Food Day 2021

Nivar Cyclone Food Relief

This severe cyclonic storm had shaken many people lives. We are aiming to serve millions of needy people with nutritious meals and especially to those who are affected in this cyclone. These people are like newborns and they are stuck with this problem of not getting proper food. We are the ones who need to provide them – life changers

Christmas & Love Gift

The joy of receiving gifts”
This phrase is not in the lives of many kids and people. Just pack few things you wish to gift those people and send your love to them. They are not only in hunger for food, even HUNGER FOR LOVE. The little things you pack for them, is a lifetime happiness they will experience and share. May it be smaller or bigger, please present your gift of love to them…

Pongal Celebration

Value food…..Help them….Cheer up!

We are aiming to help people to end hunger and on this Pongal celebration we donate food that will make their stomach fill and stay healthy. They wait for these festive seasons – not in the motive of celebrating them, rather they’ll expect something from us, as we people donate them on these special occasions. They don’t have enough food to lead a healthy active life and what are you waiting for, please help them!

Thank you

To all the Celebrities who have been our great support